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In His Constant Care - Print (5.00/5 stars from 20 reviews)

Great are thy tender mercies, O Lord. ~ Psalms 119:156

In His Constant Care

One of my favorite phrases in the scriptures is that the "Lord's arm is stretched out still...." despite our sins and weaknesses. To me, that phrase is personified in this picture. Having Christ stretch out his arms to hold a new-born babe represents all of us.

In His Constant Care Matted Art

Absolutely beautiful. It will be a wonderful Christmas gift.

In His Constant Care - Print

I love the product itself. It's beautiful. However, I am VERY unhappy with the service I received. I ordered this print on December 11 and even paid a little bit higher shipping in order to expedite it and did not receive the print until DECEMBER 28! I consider that to be very poor customer service. Most companies receiving an order two weeks before Christmas would go out of their way to make sure the order went out quickly. I will not be ordering from again.

In His Constant Care print

The picture is beautiful and the LDS Bookstore service is GREAT!!!

In His Constant Care print

I'm running out of walls to hang all my prints of the Savior! I just ADORE this print of the Savior holding the baby.The matte color paired with the print is perfect!

In his constant care- print

I will include this beautiful picture with the baby gifts I give to Parents.

Jesus Christ

I love the picture!



Houston, Texas

Picture of Christ

I am amazed at the quality of these pictures. I do not buy the small ones, but the 8x10.

The smaller ones have verses on the back of them. This is nice when you hand them to non members. But I am making my home a place of peace and solitude. And they look great on the wall.


A great addition to the baby's room!