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Heavenly Flower CTR Ring (4.76/5 stars from 17 reviews)

This Heavenly Flower ceramic CTR ring has CTR displayed on the front along with a floral design.

Heavenly Flower CTR ring

This is the prettiest CTR ring I have seen in a long time. I love the contrast of the black and white. I am very happy with this ring.

Heavenly Flower CTR Rings

Thanks for the product I gave one to my sister. She is allergic to metal and she loves the ceramic ring.

Mrs. M.

Heavenly ring

I purchased this ring for my daughter. It is pretty, but I wished it would have been a little wider so the engraved design would show more. The CTR is hardly readable because the ring is too thin. It is thinner than it appears to be on line.

It's beautiful, graceful.

I have problems with mettle rings, thank goodness I appreciate you offering this item for sale.


I get complimented on this ring every day, and I absolutely love it! It fits and looks perfect!

So pretty

I love this ring. It is very feminine and elegant. I bought it as a gift for my daughter. She can’t wear jewelry with nickel in it so this is perfect for her.

Wonderful ring.

I love this ring, I have had it for six years now. It hasn't faded at all. It also is not scratched, believe me, that isn't because I don't put it through a lot. I love how comfortable and durable it is. I get compliments on it all the time.