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Sunstone Ring Stainless Steel (4.17/5 stars from 6 reviews)

This popular ring is now made of durable stainless steel and is available at a low price! This LDS ring bears the sunstone used to adorn the Nauvoo temple. The sunstone was used to symbolize the...


I love this ring! It's well made. The inside of the ring seems to be unpolished stainless steel which makes for a smooth feel while wearing. I have not seen any signs of rust after wearing it for three days.

cheap replica lacking detail seen in picture

The ring is a cheaply made replica of the one pictured in the product description. Consequently, the small and medium detail is completely lost. The only thing you can make out are the glob-like edges of what you know to be a sunstone, but if you hadn't seen the picture you probably would be able to guess that.

Elder Carter

I absolutely love this ring, the sunstone is a symbol of the sun and it has energy of light inside, not inside this ring of course , but just the symbol gives raises my spirit and energizes me, Due to COVID-19, it took awhile to be delivered , but its well worth the wait . and the Nauvoo Temple, Tree of life featured prominently, very well crafted, I will start a collection, and I feel in someway that by purchasing rings, I'm making a contribution , I'm so happy to get this item before its discontinued ,thank you very much

I like it

The ring on the finger is round

sunstone ring

Love the ring wish I knew more about the history.

Very nice

Great ring, good quality, and very affordable