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Silicone CTR Rings - Small (4.62/5 stars from 21 reviews)

These silicone CTR rings are perfect for Primary children. Available in a variety of colors, these are a great alternative to the traditional adjustable CTR ring. Rings are sold individually. ...

Great ring

My little is 4 and this fits his pointer and middle fingers perfectly. Love it!

Love these rings

They are a great price and my boys loved that they were glow in the dark

Perfect for my CTR 7 class.

I love these! So much better than the metal ring that turns your finger green. I'm planning to give these as gifts when my class kids turn eight. I tried them on my son who is an average sized kid and turns eight in two weeks, and it fit perfectly!


I love these so much! They are perfect for my little primary kids!! I am so excited to surprise them with them!!

primary president

we put this in our birthday box for the children in primary, they love them

primary president

the kids get them for their birthday, they love them

Silicone CTR Ring

My son loved it! Especially that it glows.

Silicone CTR ring

We have family members who are younger and want their own CTR rings. These soft, pliable rings would be a good fit for these kids if they weren’t still so big even in a size small!

Silicone CTR Ring size small

My CTR 4's like the rings, but a size small is still too big for a 4 year old. They work as thumb rings! Other than that, the rings were a hit.

Silicone ring

It's exactly like my other rings that are a brand name & I spend 5xs less!