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Book of Mormon Stories Children's Frame Puzzle (5.00/5 stars from 3 reviews)

Enjoy hours of fun with this cleverly illustrated puzzle showing Nephi's adventures. When you finish the puzzle, look for a tent, treasure, Laban's men chasing Nephi and his brothers, Nephi tied up,...


Fun with so many details!

My 5 year old loves this puzzle that depicts many of the events Lehi and his family go through even up till the boat sailing away in the ocean.

In the puzzle we see them running away from Labans guards, lehi teaching to an angry crowd, Nephi tied up, the tree of life and so much more!

The best part is that this is a fun way to help her visually see the highlights of the first ch’s of the Book of Mormon. Whereas reading the versus she’ll loose interest easily.

I’m trying to teach her the gospel at home and this is a must have!

-great quality pieces.

-so many stories to tell about Nephi from this 1 puzzle

-minimum of 10 minutes to do the puzzle to talk about what’s going on with the boat, or why Nephi is tied up etc.

I’ll upload a picture of Olivia tomorrow.

Love the downloadable coloring pages

There are so many wonderful coloring pages, so will come back for more downloads. Thanks for offering these free coloring pages with so many topics.