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Tri-Fold Priesthood Ordinance Card (4.74/5 stars from 104 reviews)

This exclusive priesthood ordinance card is a great gift for any priesthood holder. This card folds to business card size making it easy to fit in your wallet or...

Fantastic little carry cards

They are the perfect size, and we love them!

Good information

This little tri-fold is packed with great information! However, it's too small for my husband to read.

Good Thing to Have

This comes in handy if you need a quick reference or those “put on the spot” situations. I can pull this card out faster than searching on the scriptures apps.

Great card

We gave these out at our Priesthood Preview. The dads all wished they had one as well!

Great gift

Every Priesthood holder I have given these to has used them a few times.

great gift

a great gift for the new priesthood holder, everything that he would need in one place, and folds up great and fits neatly in your wallet

Great quality

The card and to be if good quality and I foresee it holding up well over time. The print is very small so it may be difficult for some people to read.
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Great to keep in wallet

Have carried one of these for years (decades) before, and glad I found this to replace it after my wallet was stolen in a pickpocket incident last year. This newer model seems to made out of sturdier cardstock than the old one, the only thing I can see that might be a problem in the future is the ink color is very light on the white background. Not as easy to distinguish for my now older eyes, but no problem for the teenage sons (yet). Hopefully, these are around long enough to find out. Thank you.

great tool

This is a great tool for any man who might need guidance with blessings.

Handy, accurate, easy to use

The ordinance pocket cards are so handy, especially because for recently conferred priesthood holders, but also for the accurate wording for any priesthood holder.