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Philippines Mission Necklace - Silver/Gold (3.33/5 stars from 3 reviews)

Celebrate the best 18 months of your life with these brand new LDS mission necklaces. Available only at, our exclusive designs are specific to your mission and feature an image of...


This was given as a gift to my daughter before she left for the Philippines, she was so touched and loved it. I'm ordering another for her sister who misses her like crazy. She found one on Amazon but it was more than double the price and not as nice looking as this one. I'm very surprised that these sell for the price they do.

Good gift

I gave this to my friend going on her mission and she loved it! It was definitely worth getting. The engraving is hard to read from far away but not up-close, but that’s not really too important. It’s a great going away gift.

Very Disappointed

The engraving is so light that it can't be recognized.Print is so small it can't be read.Engraving looks like a smudge.Not much to be proud of in wearing it.