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General Conference Activity Packet (4.94/5 stars from 313 reviews)

This LDS General Conference Activity Packet is perfect for staying focused and having fun during General Conference. Exclusive to LDS Bookstore, this packet features: 2 FHE lessonsMultiple activity...

Beautiful & Creative

This Conference packet is beautiful & creative. I love the variety of activities and I know my kids will too. Thank you SO much for letting everyone have acess (especially those of us not so tech savvy that couldn't do something like this on their own).

Beautiful product

This general conference packet is wonderful! It is engaging and thoroughly, and is easy to print.

Best Conference Packet!

I paid $2 for this packet just so I could easily check out through my Amazon account. I'm going to Venmo more because it is worth well more than that! This is the most robust conference packet out there and it's offered for FREE! Thanks for an amazing resource!

Best Packet I've Been Able to Find in a While

I just absolutely loved this! I print these out for my little sisters and for once they actually used it! My twelve year old sister isn't one that loves sitting and taking notes, so whenever she saw the fun activities mixed into the packet, she got really excited. It was a perfect mix of spiritual and fun. The way the notes are set up makes it really easy for kids to use and write in, so she also had a really easy yet fun time writing down what she learned during General Conference. I love this product!


This was a fun conf pages that was worth having. It meets everyone's age. It meet mine and my teenagers. I was able to listen to conference and color.

Conf Avtivity

Free thank you! Love it!


Absolutely amazing it helped my kids be able to sit through the conference talks.


This conference packet will be a great addition for families with young children to keep busy while listening to conference.


I'm so excited to print this up for children that will be visiting during conference.

Conference activity book

Its free and convenient. I recall making homemade versions to keep conference fun. Given the timely release I was way ahead of the game and prepared for the upcoming conference. Thank you!