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Sunday Fun Activities and Ideas Volume 2

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    • Volume 2 of Sunday Fun Activities and Ideas
    • Created and Illustrated by Karen Finch
    • Games Include Pencil Puppets, "Prayer Charts", & "Find Our Family" Game
    • Fun Activities for Sundays

    This creative idea book is perfect for families with young, busy children. It is packed with great games, file folder activities, re-usable activity books, sewing cards, crafts, charts and much more! It is a wonderful supplement for family home evening and for those long Sunday hours that you want to fill with wholesome entertainment.

    Sunday Fun Activities and Ideas Vol. 2 has 18 different gospel activities and games for children The ideas have been clearly outlined an are easy to assemble and use.

      Some of the games included:
    • "Word of Wisdom Robots" Game
    • "Find Our Family" Game
    • "Super Sunday Shapes" File Folder Game
    • "I Love My Primary Class" Puzzle
    • Pencil Puppets
    • "Book of Mormon Stories" Game
    • "Prayer Charts"
    • Visor Hat: "I Am A Child of God"
    • "Mormon Mix 'N' Match" Game
    • Re-useable Activity Book