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The Founder of Our Peace

Christ-Centered Patterns for Easing Worry, Stress, and Fear

Item #: DBD- 9781629727516
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    • Offers Christ-centered patterns to combat stress, worry, & fear
    • Combines scriptural insights, personal experiences, modern psychological research, & illustrations
    • Hardcover, 192 pages, 6x9 inches

    Over the past few years, Google searches for "anxiety" have increased by 50% and news headlines state that worry, stress, and depression are on the rise. Have you noticed this increase in your life or the lives of those you love? These challenges may be spreading, but they are not new. The scriptures speak of those who were "depressed," "greatly afraid," "worried," and experiencing "great anxiety." The scriptures also tell us that the solution to these struggles is found in Jesus Christ, "the founder of peace" (Mosiah 15:18).

    Christ wants us to feel peace, hope, and even joy—and He alone is the source of true and everlasting peace. Through scriptural insights, personal experiences, modern psychological research, and illustrations, The Founder of Our Peace offers Christ-centered patterns to help us combat these challenges and invite greater peace into our lives today. New understandings of powerful scriptural phrases and stories will deepen your hope in the Savior. You will find strength in Jesus Christ to help you and those you love walk the path of peace.