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Some things simply matter more than others. In the eternal scheme of things, the Lord's system of salvation is the most profound and important truth for us to know and understand. Central to that plan is the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Ultimately, every type, shadow, and symbol in the gospel plan points our souls to Christ, as He points our souls to the Father," write religious scholars Patrick D. Degn and David S. Christensen. That is true even of the types and shadows in the Old Testament, which the authors explore in this thoughtful book. Skillfully complementing Old Testament insights with other Restoration scriptures and teachings from modern-day prophets, the authors show how these truths apply to us today. Each chapter is tied to specific books and stories of the Old Testament, making this volume a helpful resource for gospel teachers as well as anyone who wants to better understand the plan of salvation and the scriptures.

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