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Activities for All Seasons

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    • Fun Activities for All Seasons
    • Created and Illustrated by Karen Finch
    • Includes Easter Puzzle, Paper Dolls, & Christmas Give 'n' Gimme
    • Holiday games for kids

    Designed for teachers, home schools and families in teaching and enhancing the learning atmosphere year round. Created mainly for the primary grades, it can also be used for younger and older children as well. Games activities and puzzles have been designed for fun and enjoyment as well as skill development.

    Activities For All Seasons is a 64 page book with 18 holiday games. The ideas are clearly outlined and are easy to assemble and use.

    • Halloween Mix 'n' Match
    • Folder Game - Spooky Spaces Bingo
    • Folder Game - Turkey Twins
    • Chritmas Give 'n' Gimme
    • Gifts of Kindness Incentive Chart
    • Christmas Reusable Activity Book
    • Winter Mix 'n' Match
    • Valentine Visor
    • Folder Game - Go For The Gold
    • St. Patrick's Day Puzzle
    • Easter Puzzle
    • Folder Game - Scrambled Eggs
    • Bunny Buddies Card Game
    • Spring and Summer Mix 'n' Match
    • Folder Game - Spring and Summer Bingo
    • Fourth of July Visor
    • Paper Dolls
    • Season Sort Card Game