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Activities for Little Learners: Preschool & Kindergarten

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    • Great Activities for Little Learners (Pre-K)
    • Created and Illustrated by Karen Finch
    • Includes Animals on Parade, Fun Feet, & Apple Learning Wheel
    • Learning book for Pre-k and young children

    This book has been designed for teachers, home schools and families in teaching and enhancing the learning atmosphere year round. This book includes: Re-usable activity books, crafts, stick puppets, learning wheels, shape activities, lesson crafts and ideas, masks, sewing cards, gift ideas, puppets, folder games (alphabet, colors, counting, visual discrimination, and shape recognition).

    Activities For Little Learners: Preschool and Kindergarten has 40 different activities, fun games, crafts, puppets, puzzles and file folder games for kindergarten and preschool children. The ideas have been clearly outlined an are easy to assemble and use in the classroom or with your family. 

    Some of the Activities and Games Included:

    • The "ME" Mobile
    • Apple Learning Wheel
    • Pumpkin Learning Wheel
    • Clown Shapes
    • Washington Shapes
    • "Mr. Sam Senses"
    • Fun Feet
    • Abraham Lincoln Mask
    • Spring Birds Sewing Card
    • Mother's Day Gift
    • Father's Day Coupon Book
    • Butterfly Puppet
    • Animals on Parade
    • "The Alpha-BAT" File Folder Game
    • "Tulip Time" File Folder Game
    • "Melon Matchers" File Folder Game
    • "Outer Space Face" File Folder Game
    • "Silly Shapes" File Folder Game
    • and much, much more!