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Church History Fun and Games

Item #: FFG-CHFG
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    • Great Church History Fun and Games
    • Created and Illustrated by Karen Finch
    • Includes Past Prophets, Windows of Heaven, & Joseph Jumble
    • Perfect for young kids

    Help connect your family with Church history with this fun resource book. Full of FHE games, activities, and ideas, it's great for both Church and home use. Each book not only contains the lesson plans, but printouts you can copy and use over and over again. 

    Church History Fun and Games is packed with 10 different games and activities to enrich your Family Home Evening and Primary Sharing Times or lessons. The ideas are clearly outlined and are easy to assemble and use. 

    • Pioneer Bingo
    • Joseph Jumble!
    • Pass The Plates!
    • Past Prophets
    • The Keystone Kids!
    • Church History Mystery!
    • Tic-Tac Pioneer Fact!
    • Windows of Heaven
    • Our Pioneer Past
    • Wanted: Proud Pioneer Pictures!