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Future Missionary: Preparing While I'm Young

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    Help Primary children develop the enthusiasm and skills to serve a mission with helpful tips and fun activities designed just for them. This pamphlet will inspire them to invite friends to Church activities, pay a full tithe, begin their mission fund, enjoy the scriptures, and learn many more fantastic concepts they need to know to be a missionary today.


    Sometimes, life will seem very hard - as if we are battling giants. We often hear the story of David and Goliath. Have you ever asked yourself: How was it possible for a smaller boy to win over a giant of a man? The simplest answer would be that David was prepared. At a young age, he learned the skills he needed to be successful. He didn't know that he would some day have to battle a giant. Nonetheless, he prepared in his youth for whatever would come his way.

    The best time to start preparing for your future is today. Preparing for a mission is one of the biggest steps you can take. Serving a mission will bring success in your life - whatever it is you choose to do. Preparing for your mission at a young age gives you a more firm foundation, like David and his ability to win in the battle against a giant.