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Although written by different individuals and for different audiences, each of the four gospels represents a priceless sketch of the Savior’s life and teachings. None is complete, each is unique, and collectively they represent our best opportunity to understand the Lord’s mortal ministry when viewed as parts of a whole. The challenge, however, lies in the fact that the Gospels are most often presented individually, and seldom as elements of a unified life. The synoptic gospels, while similar in composition, parallel and overlap one another to the point that it is often difficult to distinguish between single events recorded from different perspectives and distinct events that resemble one other. No single account presents the richness of information, doctrine and detail that can be obtained by viewing all accounts together. Only by careful comparison is it possible to create a holistic picture, which is why people have been creating gospel harmonies for centuries. Most harmonies focus primarily on identifying differences between the gospels and leave much of the burden of synthesizing a holistic life story and formulating a timeline to the reader. It was the desire for a resource that did not require reading between the lines that inspired me to create this book and its companion volume. While there are many parallel column harmonies of the gospels available, this one is unique in that it is formatted to allow the reader to follow a single narrative story-line. By reading the text from left to right across the columns, skipping the highlighted material, a richer narrative emerges. All pertinent details from each of the four gospel accounts are included by taking this approach. The addition of essential Joseph Smith Translation changes that alter meaning within each of the gospels reveals even more detail as well as prophetic insight.