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Boise Temple Cube

Item #: RM-URC017
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Price: $24.99
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    • A perfect heartwarming gift for a wedding or anniversary
    • Made from laser engraved crystal
    • Cube Measures 5cm x 5cm x 8cm
    • Add a Lighted Rotating Base to make the beautiful details of the cube shine

    This beautiful laser engraved crystal cube makes for a perfect wedding or anniversary gifts. Together with a Lighted Rotating Base, these 3D pieces of art make for a great decoration on a table or shelf. Each cube is packaged in a beautiful velvet-lined gift box (see image below). Over 30 temples are available for members across the United States and Canada. This cube is: 5cm x 5cm x 8cm. Lighted rotating base not included.

    The Boise temple was first opened on May 25th 1984, this temple was the first six-spire temple built since the Washington D.C. Temple and the Salt Lake Temple. It’s exterior is light granite with a large sloping roof that mirrored it’s sister buildings, the Chicago Illinois Temple and the Dallas Texas Temple. Inside they have the Motif, Lewis’s mock-orange syringa, the Idaho state flower. This temple had over 128,000 people that toured the temple just during their 19-day open house. This temple was so popular that only after two and a half years they closed to expand. This temple has four ordinance rooms and four sealing rooms, while the total floor area is 35,868 square feet. 

    “When you come to the temple you will love your family with a deeper love than you have ever felt before. The temple is about families.” - Richard H. Winkel

    We all have a temple we hold close to our heart, now you can bring it home with you. A beautiful laser temple engraved crystal cube is perfect for wedding or an anniversary gift for your loved ones, it can help bring back those wonderful memories. This 3D art is a great decoration and a reminder of the joy of the temple. This stylish yet modern design can be purchased with the Lighted Rotating Base to create a stunning shine through the crystal cube. You can choose colored lights or white lights. Each of these come packaged in a beautiful velvet-lined gift box that adds class to your gift.