Item #: RM-KDD085
Price: $10.99
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Product Description:

Intended to be sold with our crystal cubes, this white lighted rotating base truly makes the detail and image of the crystal cubes shine. This rotating base is AC or battery operated (batteries not included, does not rotate when only using batteries). Dimensions are about 4" across the top and 1 3/4" tall.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

Rotating lighted disc

Two bulbs are not working properly. They constantly blink as if ready to burn out.

Lighted Rotating Base - White Lights

Great display base. When all the lights are out it looks like a beam of light coming from heaven.

Excellent choice

Perfect platform for displaying the carved ostrich egg. SO glad I made this choice! Works well, alternative uses with or without the rotation option.


this is a great product

It quit working the first day I had it. I loved it those few hours.Response: We are happy to replace it for you. Please give our customer service a call.

I bought this rotating base as a gift for my parents along with a temple cube. It rotated and the lights worked for 24 hours then stopped! Total disappointment. My family lives several hours away from me so trying to return it or exchange it now will be complicated because I have the receipt and they would have to package it back up and get it to me to return.. just getting complicated so I have to order a brand new one again. Hopefully the next one is not defective as well!Response: If an item is defective, we are happy to replace it for you at no additional charge, and pay for return shipping. Please contact our customer support department for assistance. We appreciate your business!