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A compelling doctrinal approach to the Book of Mormon with corresponding color markings of its doctrines and principles so they are ever present for study, review, or teaching. 

Mark R. Hale writes "gospel scholarship is all about reading and making connections between related scriptures. Once you start making these connections, scripture reading and study becomes compelling. This book helps you make these connections by categorizing related scriptures by color so they can be read side by side, one after another. This consecutive style of reading lets you acquire greater depth of gospel subjects and see a larger picture of the doctrines. Now you can master these scriptures with greater acceleration, accuracy, and breadth.

This book also teaches you how to approach these scriptures, comprehend them in a meaningful way, and note them in a way that is useful to you. It becomes a very easy and effective handbook to master the great truths taught in these scriptures."

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Make your mark Book of Mormon

By Barbara on 10/20/2018
Not what I expected from description but helpful just the same

Make a Mark in the Scriptures - The Book of Mormon

By Nancy Alemany on 5/27/2018
This is a great little book. As I'm working through the marking and reading process I feel like I'm enjoying the "cream" of the Gospel contained in this book. There is a LOT of cream....! I'll be purchasing the New Testament next.

Make Your Mark In the Scriptures - The Book of Mormon

By Dawna Orr Wertman on 1/15/2017
I am so excited to get started with this project. I have never learned how to study, not through all my schooling and not in 'studying' the scriptures. In this small book by Mark R. Hale, all the real work has been done

This is a compelling doctrinal approach to the Book of Mormon with corresponding color markings. It starts out with a red marker and a complete list of scriptures to mark on 'The Atonement'; Yellow - 'The Keys to the Atonement' which are Faith, Repentence, Baptism, Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end.'; Green - 'The Doctrines of the Kingdom'; Orange - 'The Characteristics of Christ'; Blue - 'The Gospel Principles and Practices'; Purple - 'The Prophsy Scriptures'; Black - 'Strategies of the Adversary'; and Brown - 'Informational'. Each with there long list of scriptural references. There will be a lot of work marking all the scriptures but once that work is done what a wealth of organized material I will have. All the real work, the organization of the material, is already done. What a real studying tool I will have when the book is all marked.