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As we study this keystone of our religion, what help can we find to see and understand its doctrines more deeply?

The Book of Mormon Study Guide: Start to Finish is a comprehensive, question-and-answer commentary that draws from thousands of the very best insights on the scriptures, including those from General Authorities, Church magazines and manuals, respected scholarly commentaries, scripture reference books, and other publications. This definitive volume brings the most unique, compelling, and insightful comments on the Book of Mormon together into one place to help you get more out of your personal scripture study. As we ask inspired questions and seek a deeper understanding of the scriptures, we invite personal revelation to help us in our challenging and ever-changing journey of life.

This revised edition includes new commentary and features a new format pairing commentary alongside the scriptures.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

Book of Mormon Study Guide

A great companion to your Book of Mormon study. Some great insights and it is really accessible.

Book of Mormon Study Guide

I'm just getting started with this study guide. The first few pages are packed with things I should have known but didn't.
This guide is written easy to understand.
I know I am finally going to understand far more than ever before.
I'm exceedingly happy I purchased this.

Very useful!

Perfect for trying to keep up with Sunday School and maybe getting a few more in depth insights from various sources- old and NEW!! Glad I found it- thanks for offering it!!

Great addition to study library.

I really love this book. I take it to SS class as it has interesting commentary and information to share.

The Book of Mormon study guide

I like it so far. The accompanying explanations are great helps to understanding the whole

I like the guide, I was just looking for something more interactive. Something with a question and answer section maybe or areas for notes within each section.