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Kona Hawaii Temple - Sketch

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    The Kona Hawaii Temple is one of a series of detailed pencil drawings and paintings created by the artist Chad S. Hawkins. In 1989, at the age of seventeen, Chad started this unique temple series, becoming the original LDS artist to involve hidden spiritual images in his artwork. Before drawing each temple, Chad visits the temple site to research its history, construction, and beautiful surroundings. He then returns to his studio to draw the temple by referring to his notes, sketches, and photographs. The temple in Kailua-Kona is on the state's largest and most southern island.

    With its white marble exterior, white retaining walls, and rows of royal palm trees the temple is a recognized landmark on the Big Island of Hawaii. The colorful `ohi`a lehua located in the lower right corner of the drawing is the most common Hawaii native tree. This beautiful tree is often associated with volcanos because it thrives on the volcanic slopes found on the Big Island. There are famous Hawaiian legends about `ohi`a lehua and Pele, the goddess of volcanos. Hidden among the landscaping in the foreground are each of the eight main islands that make up the beautiful state of Hawaii. In this temple picture, Chad has sketched a full-length image of the Savior, Jesus Christ, to the right of the temple. President Howard W. Hunter has counseled us, saying, As we attend the temple, we learn more richly and deeply the purpose of life and the significance of the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ (Ensign, February 1995, p. 5). Referring to the blessing of having a temple nearby, Kona Hawaii Stake President Philip A. Harris said, I believe that gratitude is best expressed by ones actions. The only way that we can thank Father in Heaven for this blessing is to wear it [the temple] out by its use. (Recorded interview by Chad Hawkins, 22 January 2000, Kona Hawaii)

    This comes in a 11x14 print.