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Insights from a Prophets Life: Russell M. Nelson book about the prophet, biography of the prophet
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What kind of life preparation does the Lord give the men He will one day call to be prophet? And what are the lessons to be learned from such a life? From being raised in a home without the foundation of the gospel to the early days of his marriage and the stress of medical school to his last open-heart surgery in China, President Russell M. Nelson took advantage of every opportunity to learn and become more. In Insights from a Prophet's Life, Sheri Dew takes us through the life of President...

Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith
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What could Abraham Lincoln and controversial Mormon founder Joseph Smith possibly have in common? According to Lincoln Leadership Society president Ron Andersen, more than you would think. Using historical records from Illinois, where Smith and Lincoln were living in the 1840s, this book shows you new sides to the men, including their surprisingly similar views on God and their involvement with each others' politics. Find out how two young “backwoods” boys crossed paths and led parallel lives...

In the Hands of the Lord in the hands of the lord, dallin h oaks book, dallin h oaks biography
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Dallin H. Oaks may not have seemed the likeliest choice to become an Apostle. His life path had been anything but conventional. He was only seven when his mother became a widow. His young adulthood saw him joining the National Guard and marrying at nineteen. But all along that path, the Lord was preparing him for the call that would eventually come. This engaging biography by noted historian Richard E. Turley, Jr. takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the life of an extraordinary...

The Essential Nibley
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Drawing from the very best of Hugh Nibley, this collection of excerpts feels more like a guided tour through a brilliant mind than a quote book. Arranged thematically, it covers the highlights of Nibley's best thinking and writing on everything from the Creation, through ancient people, times, and documents, to modern-day prophets and righteous living today. Two features give great insight into the man and his life's work: a very personal life sketch about Hugh Nibley written by his grandson,...

Lieutenant Terrys Christmas Fudge
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On a mission to bomb a French bridge and slow down Hitler's retreating army, U.S. bomber pilot Wendell B. Terry miraculously survived a harrowing parachute jump after his plan was hit by enemy fire. Scorched by the burning plane, he landed amid German SS troops and soon found himself in a German prisoner-of-war camp. He shared a cement room with 23 other prisoners. He lived with a dirt floor, no heat to ward off the bitter cold, one small window, and not much to do. To make matters worse,...

That We May Be One: A Gay Mormons Perspective On Faith and Family
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"'A happy gay Mormon.' That's the shorthand I often use to describe myself," writes Tom Christofferson. "Some of my gay friends—as well as some of the LDS friends—are a little surprised that I think it's possible to be a gay Mormon."In That We May Be One, Tom Christofferson shares perspectives gained from his life's journey as a gay man who left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and then returned to it. After having asked to be excommunicated from the faith he was raised in, Tom...

Courage to Be You
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Gail Miller might seem as though she has it easy—now. But she has experienced challenges in nearly every aspect of her life: financial struggles, family trials, and personal loss. Through it all, she has had courage to move forward and remain grounded in her faith.In Courage to Be You, Gail encourages readers to find their own path—with the help of the Lord. Her candid stories and personal insights about faith, hard work, grief, and many more topics are both fascinating and inspiring. "I hope...

Its True - An Evangelical Pastors Journey to the Truth
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It's True tells of Tom's initial reaction, what he learned about the Mormons and what he discovered - that the LDS people are, indeed, Christians and the precepts they teach are true. "Not in a million years would we have dreamed that this was the place for us. However, the peace that we are experiencing tells us that we are exactly where we belong." Tom and Maggie Scott

Why I Left the Mormon Church and Came Back
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Haleigh Everts's life looks perfect, with thousands of Youtube subscribers, a loving husband, and an adorable baby—but it's been a long road to get here. Join her on her journey through conversion, doubts, and the process of returning to a religion she once believed she'd left behind for good. This honest and open look at modern discipleship is a refreshing read!

Slave Stealers timothy ballard, slave accounts, slave stealer, true accounts
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In the 1800s American South, Harriet Jacobs is enslaved and tormented by a cruel master. He relentlessly attempts to force her into a sexual union, and, when rebuffed, he separates her from her children and spends a lifetime trying to coerce her and then recapture her when she escapes to freedom. Jacobs outwits her tormentor and eventually reunites with her children, works in the cause of abolition and reform, and helps newly freed slaves with education and aftercare.In 2012, Timothy Ballard...

The Sun Still Shines: How a Brain Tumor Helped Me See the Light the sun still shines, jodi orgill brown, jodi brown, brain tumor, trials,
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In a candid and witty memoir, Jodi recounts how her life was transformed when, as a thirty-three-year-old wife and mother, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Unwilling to accept her new fate, Jodi's family searches for a doctor who will join their fight against the odds. But when the surgery that could save her life thrusts her into battle with a devastating spinal fluid leak and facial paralysis, even her own children fear her new appearance and physical failings. Jodi...

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