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Hand-Bound Genuine Leather Quad - Blush Pink (4.83/5 stars from 24 reviews)

Crafted by hand and with an abundance of love and care, this hand-bound leather quad is a beautiful way to treasure up the word of God. Each one is made from the standard quadruple combination...

Everything was beautiful and amazing!! The only thing is I wished they offered the scriptures in Spanish. I didn’t see an option for that. The product in itself is beautiful

I just received my quad in the most beautiful soft pink. They are so well made. It’s been years since I used physical scriptures, and I’m super excited to have them!


Almost perfect

The binding was great and well done. However the printing was off in the book. Margins were all over the place and I don’t believe they check that beforehand so make sure you check that the page print is cut accurately. They replaced mine quickly and it’s now perfect. You can always add a note to double check the book pages are printed and cut correctly when you order. The only reason I docked a star is due to the fact they didn’t check the inside before binding and thank goodness I still had time to have it redone before it was gifted, otherwise that would have been a bit frustrating.


Ok wow! Just wow! I am so impressed with these gorgeous scriptures AND the incredible customer service.

My daughter realized the scriptures she had were not going to work for her mission so we had a last minute need to get her new ones. She was trying to decide between the light pink and the blush and we didn't have time to order the leather samples. They generously texted me a photo of both leathers side by side to help us decide. We paid the rush fee and the expedited shipping and they made sure to confirm everything with their binding manager to make sure it was turned around quickly for us. They got here so quickly and I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful they were to work with.

As for the scriptures, they are so beautiful. The blush leather is an absolutely gorgeous, sophisticated pink that I know will last her years to come. The ribbon bookmarks, maps, thumb tabs, gold edging all just make these stunning. I think I may need a set for myself :)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Beautiful quality

We bought this for our daughters eighth birthday. The cover is so beautiful and engraved. I really enjoyed the chance to customize the bookmarks and the color. My husband now wants a set for himself.

Beautiful Scriptures

Quality made, gorgeous scriptures that will last me for many years. The leather is so soft! So excited to have a lovely color that reflects personality besides just the basic black or brown. Love them!!

Beautiful Triple Combination

I ordered this for my daughter and it came in a short amount of time and is just what she wanted. This is well made and a beautiful color. The monogram is perfect and looks. very nice.


I purchased a handcrafted leather covered quad for my granddaughter. Is is great quality. She loves and thinks it so beautiful. I can wait til the other grandkids are old enough to get there own quads! Thanks!!

Blush pink quad

I love these scriptures. The leather is soft and beautiful. I look forward to using them for years to come.