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Moses and the Brass Serpent Coloring Page - Printable (5.00/5 stars from 3 reviews)

When the Israelites were afflicted with fiery serpents, the Lord told Moses to place a brass serpent on the top of a pole and lift it up. All who would look at it would live. It was a symbol of...

Brass serpent

I enjoyed the excitement the children got when I used it in the lesson. It helped them confirm their knowledge of the Israelites lack of faith. It also helped me confirm for them the importance of having faith and listening to the prophets.

Moses and the Brass Serpent

Thanks so much for the use of the coloring page. We printed it for our little primary class and they enjoyed coloring it. They loved the detail and took extra time on the staff and "snake" and asked about the woman that wasn't looking up, what had happened to her. Lots of detail and things for discussion. Excellent art work. Thanks so much.

Moses and the Brass Serpent Coloring Page

love 'em all