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Simulated Leather Quad (4.87/5 stars from 117 reviews)

This quadruple combination includes the 2013 edition of the LDS King James Version Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price bound in one book. It contains...

I love having all in one book

I got a paper copy of the scriptures because I got sick of reading it on my phone. I always got distracted.

I like that it has tabs to get to where you need to be quickly and also it has a timeline under each chapter. my kids love it

The Quad is the perfect size for everyday use. I've used mine since I joined the church 8 years ago. This was purchased for a newer member celebrating 1 year since his baptism. Mine has proven sturdy over the years

Our daughter loves them!!!!! She said, "I love my scriptures!" Thank you.

I bought this for my son when he got baptized. I plan on buying myself one as it is so convenient to have all my scriptures in one

Wonderful quality!

The way my name was written was beautiful. Very clear. The scriptures look and feel amazing!

the quad look good the lettering was a bit light that we had engraved for her name but its readsble

Very happy with our purchase.