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Simulated Leather Quad (4.87/5 stars from 117 reviews)

This quadruple combination includes the 2013 edition of the LDS King James Version Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price bound in one book. It contains...

BOM Quad simulated leather

My daughter was so excited to get this for her 8th birthday! It has been great for her as it was for me when I was 8!


My only issue was that the embossing for my grandson’s name is so light that I have to angle it to see it enough to read it. I should have requested one of the other options. I didn’t realize it would be that light.

Fantastic Simulated Leather Quad w/ Custom Gold Inlaid Inscription

I got this as a Christmas gift for my dad after becoming a member, receiving the Melchizedek priesthood, and getting his patriarchal blessing. Everyone else have one of their own, so I figured he would love one as well. In the beginning, I was worried it wouldn't arrive on time. Customer service answered all of my questions and concerns very well, and guaranteed it to arrive before Christmas with expedited shipping. I went to other websites to compare prices and reviews, and I concluded that this one, although costing a bit more, was the most likely to arrive on time (The others had no guarantee at all and the price for express/expedited shipping was an extreme $25+!!).

When I received it, the gold inscription was beautiful, the name was spelled correctly, there was no damage to the gold pages, and the simulated leather looks real. My mom, being much more experienced with scripture purchasing and comparison, said that they were great quality scriptures. The price for customizing and shipping is worth it! And most important of all, my dad loved it! It made him feel very special and he was so excited read it and show everyone. I'm positive that he will carry them with him for the rest of his life.

Good to read the word

Its great to buy a guad because its saves time and money.


Bought these for my daughter. They are greatly

Great buy

Although a bit delayed, which I was informed of, my Quad came in just as ordered and will definitely order from here again in the future. THANKS!!!

Great product

I have a Quad and my husband liked mine so I bought him one. He is very happy with his too.

Great product!

I loved this book! It still looked nice even though it was only simulated leather. And my friend loved it!!

Great product!

Love the look and feel of the cover!

Great Quality of Scripture

Great quality.