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Two-Tone Roll CTR Ring (4.73/5 stars from 15 reviews)

This two-tone stainless steel ring has 3 separate interlocking rings that exchange places in a rolling fashion.


I love the look! It is hard to wear as the rings do not stay in any one place, so it slips and gets loose in some positions.

CTR 3 band intertwined silver gold band ring

Order 1/2 size smaller.

CTR Ring

I love this ring. It looks very nice on my hand.

CTR ring

My daughter loves it!

Love the ring

I love the looks of the ring. However, it is a little loose on my finger because I had to order a larger size because of my large arthritic knuckles.

Lovely design

I was excited to receive it 3 weeks after the shipping information. It's too large and slips off... But I really love the design, so am thinking of ordering one with 2 or 3 size down.

Lovely Ring

Fit perfectly into my finger and it’s reminded me to CTR things everyday 💜💜

Missionary Gift

I ordered this for another missionary cousin as a gift. I ordered 2, one for her and one for me, to try out. ;) She really loved it, and so did I. Sometimes people mistaken it as a two-tone wedding ring. It's so nice to wear it.

Ring - 2 tone

It wasn't a big hit with my daughter, but the size was too small. She chose to have the same one when we return it, just bigger.

Two tone band CTR ring

I love it! It's not bulk and I don't like to wear jewelry as it is so this is perfect for me. I can wear this and forget it because it's just the right size and not bulk and it's also beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a CTR ring.