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The New Testament Made Easier Boxed Set (4.75/5 stars from 4 reviews)

Noted teacher and gospel scholar David J. Ridges brings the New Testament to life with his well-known teaching skills in this third edition of The New Testament Made Easier set. This enhanced...

New Testament made easier

At last a book that is helping me with my scripture studies. Being the only member in my immediate family scripture study is sometimes hard to understand or try to talk about what I read. These books are helping me. Wish I had known about them earlier.

New testament made easier

Love it!! 3 volume set explains everything verse by verse. It includes some of the history and background and why the chosen people did certain things. I wish I would have had this years ago. This is a must buy!

One of the best

I purchased Ridges' study guides based on a recommendation from the CSR when I called to order a different author's study guides (Ogden & Skinner). I like Ridges' better because of how it's organized--it goes verse by verse and will compare to JST and other references. Also, Ridges' doesn't always give the same commentary that Ogden & Skinner do. It's MUCH easier to find the commentary on a specific scripture in Ridges'. His have become my first Go-to's. The only thing I don't like is that he doesn't always do every scripture or every book--but what he omits is very small. His intro says it's because of what the size of the books would become--but I'd willing pay for another volume to have no omissions. I recommend getting the eBook along with the physical book. (Wish they were in hardcover)>

The New Testament made Easier

Very well done. I would like to see more Book of Mormon Scriptural references with each area.....I should do that myself I suppose. But thanks for this extra help.