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Blue Sparkle CTR Ring (5.00/5 stars from 7 reviews)

Made of fine sterling silver; this ring is a timeless classic.

I love this ring. It's affordable and pretty!

A ring for my grandson

He had picked one many months before and had forgotten which one he has picked. He cried when he opened it. And hasn't taken it off since! Thank you! I ordered, and received it in 48 hrs. It was awesome!!!

Beautiful and bold

My 12 year old daughter picked out this and it is perfect for her! It fits her perfectly!

Blue Sparkle CTR ring

Love the ring!

Service was great this time around.

Arrived in 2 weeks, much sooner than expected. Thank you!

favorite style

This is my granddaughter's favorite CTR ring!

It's a tradition

I have 49 grandchildren. When they turn 8 years old, it's a tradition for us as grandparents to give them this ring. They look forward to it. In fact, they plan on it!


I love the ctr ring