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Angel Moroni Charm (4.17/5 stars from 12 reviews)

This silver plated charm is handmade. It has a loop on the top to be attached to a charm bracelet or to a necklace. It would be a great addition to a charm bracelet or to any silver...


It's perfect for my Pandora bracelet 👍

I really like it. It was the perfect size I needed. I just wish they'd had it in gold. I painted it gold with nail polish and it worked great for my project.😊

angel moroni

The charm is adorable but when I tried to put it on my charm bracelet it broke.

Response: We happily replace or refund any defective product.


Love it!


Going to use it in a dollhouse



i was very disappointed when i got this charm, ldsbookstore has amazing things, but this charm was made so cheap, it broke the day i got it, i was very disappointed...

l love it

this is very nice to have I have a 3" in my truck and car, I get them for my friends they love them too. I can make earrings and necklaces out of them too


Good. Is exactly as it looks on the internet. :)

Moroni Charm

This charm is so affordable and brings me joy during this time. I love adding this to my bracelet