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12 Generation Pedigree Chart - Single (4.92/5 stars from 26 reviews)

12 Generation Chart. Eight generations are on the front and four more generations can be continued on the back. The chart is folded and hole-punched for an 8.5″ x 11″ binder. 

15 Generation Sheet

This is exactly what we are looking for. Actually it was a member patron that wanted something to organize her family history and when I went online this is what she wanted. When my husband saw it he wanted also. Now we need to take the time to fill them out. Grateful someone had what we wanted.

Ancestors Chart

Beautiful, perfect chart!

Best pedigree chart out there!

I am very pleased with the 15 generation pedigree chart I recently ordered. Most impressive was just how easy it is to fill out and view. Love this product and will be ordering again!


These make great gifts anytime, people are always surprisedto see them, don't see 15 generation charts.

Family Pedigree Charts

I LOVE the heavier paper, multiple generations and price.

Generation Pedigee Chart



Fantastic product. One of the BEST of its kind!!


I love that I can look at this chart and see my progress.I can quickly see who I need to research and do the work for !!!


Very useful

Handy paper chart

15 generation paper chart is very handy and complements online searches. The LDS book store site was easy to use and product arrived in a timely way.