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12 Generation Pedigree Chart - Single (4.92/5 stars from 26 reviews)

12 Generation Chart. Eight generations are on the front and four more generations can be continued on the back. The chart is folded and hole-punched for an 8.5″ x 11″ binder. 

Nice Quallity

These are nice quality on nice thick paper. They should hold up a while, however, It would be nice if there were lines for the information. To help keep things from running together. Lines under the names for the date, place of occurrences.

Pedigree Chart

Terrific chart as my family history information increases.

Pedigree Chart

I really like the chart you sent me. It is the first time I will doing the chart. I wish there was a little more Instruction to it . wanted to do my dad side of my family and then my mom and her dad and mom and also my dad and mom will I be able to do that all on that chart?

Terrific 15 Generation Chart!

There's no where else I found to get this! And, now I have some, and sent some to my niece! She gives talks in her Public Library on Family, and free hand-outs from LDS!

Totally Satisfied

I have had a little experience with genealogy and have filled in several charts. This 15 generation chart is the nicest I have seen. It gives enough room to enter information and is exactly what any ancestry buff needs to complete his or her family tree.

Useful tool

I like the 15 generation chart. It is helpful to see the content I added. However I wish I had bought 5. If your tree goes back more than 6 generations you will need one chart for each 16 couples beyond the 6th generation.