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Adjustable Dinosaur CTR Ring (4.67/5 stars from 15 reviews)

This adjustable silicone ring is the perfect gift for primary children of all ages! This ring features a fun dinosaur design that kids will love. The ring can be easily adjusted in size for a long...

Very adorable!

"....Where did you find a CTR ring with a dinosaur on it?!"

I handed this ring and others out to my CTR 4 class this week as part of CTR-A Lesson #8's Attention Activity. I have 10 children in the class and not one of them dissappointed. As the rings are adjustable, they fit each child perfectly. The children in my class are 4 turning 5. They each got a different design and they loved looking to see what designs each other got. When it was time to go I had one father come up and ask me where I got a CTR ring with a dinosaur on it? He was very impressed. If you are debating on wether or not to purchase any of these rings, don't waffle and just do it. You wont be disappointed.

CTR adjustable ring

Nice design and suit al children

ctr ring

Great b d gift for my class

cute product

The kids loved them

Cute, my little brother loved it!

I got this adjustable ring for my 5 year old little brother, he loves this ring. He made a special case to keep it in at night beside his bed so he can always remember to choose the right. Iโ€™m sure heโ€™ll lose it within the next two days, but he loves it.

Dinasaur CTR Adjustable Ring

Very Cute. My boy liked it.

Dino CTR Ring

My child loved his ring! short and simple it is a great gift, and even more so because he picked it out himself.


Dino love

My son loves dinosaurs. This was the perfect fit for him. I love that it's adjustable. He loves it

dinosaur ctrl ring

Plastic, flexible,cute dinasaur