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The appearance is great, but there are errors

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Atlantis is one of my most favorite Disney movies, so I was very excited to see this ring! The symbols accurately match the appearance of the Atlantean alphabet. However, my ring came with spelling errors. In the word "CHOOSE" both the symbol for "ch" and "h" are used, so it spells "CHHOOSE". The Atlantean alphabet has a symbol for "th", but instead mine used the separate symbols "t" and "h" in the word "THE". This however isn't really an issue. The third and probably most upsetting error is that mine is missing the "R" in the word "RIGHT", instead there is a single dot (which can be a symbol for "1" in Atlantean). With all these errors my ring spells, "CHHOOSE THE IGHT". This could be due to lack of space, but it can be resolved using the "th" symbol for the word "THE" so that it only uses two symbols instead of three. I wasn't too bothered with these errors until I noticed that NONE of them exist on the product's sample images (which are upside down). I've attached a photo of my ring to show the "IGHT" error. Other than these errors, the ring looks pretty awesome and feels great! The edges are very smooth and comfortable. I was afraid the symbols would wear off from washing my hands, but they are holding up really well.

Reviews 1-1 of 1