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More Than The Tattooed Mormon (4.86/5 stars from 14 reviews)

Al Fox Carraway has spent the last four years inspiring the world with her story of conversion, redemption, and finding faith. As a blogger, social media personality, and award-winning public...

Buy it!!!

This is such a good book. I follow al on her social media and she's so uplifting. Don't hesitate to buy this book!

Great Book

When I got the book, I sat down to browse through it, and found myself finishing it 3 hours later. It's that good. Great writing and really touched on some subject I had been praying about.

Great book

Bought this book for my daughter and she loved it. Practically read the whole thing in 1 day. Uplifting and inspiring.

Great book with one, slight, drawback.

After having met the author and hear her speak briefly I decided to read her book. It is as infectiously enthusiastic as she is in person. I enjoyed her story very much and found a lot of good advice and thoughts to consider. The writing, however, wasn't the best. A good editor would have made all the difference since the focus and pace was a bit off. A lot of readers probably won't mind, especially younger readers. Adults may find it a bit frustrating.

Great Book!

This book talks about conversion, self worth, trials, Heavenly Father, and so much more. I really did love reading this. I would recommend it to any member of the church, especially converts. Truly a great read.

Great, great book!

This book is a must buy! Al's strong testimony of the gospel shines through each page. This book strengthened my own testimony and I look forward to rereading the book throughout my life. Reading the book will truly help you become a better missionary as well. She explains how difficult it must be and can be to join the church from a nonmember family. Such a delight to read! A must buy and a great gift to give others! Bravo Al on your book! You will make many LDS members proud with this book!

Incredible, could not lay it down.

What a surprise, I loved her sincere love for the Gospel. Her story made me proud of her living through all her struggles and the determination to tell/help others with her life story. Go girl.


Love this book and the principles it teaches us. Not to judge

More Than The Tattooed Mormon

I just got the book yesterday, and finished it that night. I can relate to alot of the same things,tattoos and family, church members. However I guarantee Heavenly Father does not share the same thoughts. He likes diversity, that's why we are all different. Each one of us have a special talent and gift to give. I let someone who's hurt me keep me from going back to my ward. Al Carraway said in her book "Is the person who hurt you, worth your salvation". That hit me so hard I cried. I loved her life story, she has set a big example for me. Thank You Al Carraway

More Than The Tattooed Mormon

Very interesting and good book.