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Endowment Bracelet (4.58/5 stars from 24 reviews)

This pearl bead endowment bracelet is the perfect place to put your temple card.

Love that I don't have to worry about loosing my proxy name card. I now have purchased additional ones for my daughters in law and granddaughters, not only are they useful they look like a piece of jewelry. I know they will appreciate them as I do.

The bracelet is perfect! It’s so handy. It’s not bulky or uncomfortable. I bought one for myself and my two sisters and they both love it as well!


Beautiful and so convenient!


Looks very nice and stretches comfortably. I bought a second one for my mother in law for a gift. Can't wait to give it to her!


A helpful tool


I can hardly wait to use this bracelet. I look forward to time back in the temple


The bracelet is too large for my small/medium sized wrist and would be too cumbersome to wear. The plastic pouch is not wide or long enough to hold the name without having to fold the paper. The beads are cheap, but I knew they would be at this price point. I wasn't concerned about that. I was just hoping for something functional.

Endowment Bracelet


Looks amazing, well made, and so useful!

Endowment Bracelet

I simply LOVE my new Endowment Bracelet! Whoever thought about making something like this is a genius!

Endowment bracelet

I wore out my other endowment bracelet. Love that I don't have to find or mess with a pic (that always sticks me) nor my temple card isn't all crinkled up from being in my pocket.