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Called To Serve Tie Tack (4.83/5 stars from 6 reviews)


As we receive new missionaries into our ward we give them this from our family.

Called To Serve Tie Tack

I really liked it I think it looks very nice I send it to my two boys they are serving their mission.

Great Gift

This tie pin is a great gift for any young men in the ward. I got one for a young man in the ward and he seemed to really like it. I'm very glad I got it for him.

Just fine

This product is just fine. Nice and really fit to be your tie tack. Thank you

Lapel pin

This pin was given out as a father's day gift to members of my ward and was well received. All the fathers liked them and were glad to receive it.


My brother is on his mission, so I bought two of these for him and his companion. I thought it would be great for him. He like it.