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Lighted Rotating Base - Colored Lights (4.78/5 stars from 9 reviews)

Intended to be sold with our crystal cubes, this multicolor lighted rotating base truly makes the detail and image of the crystal cubes shine. This rotating base is AC or battery operated (batteries...

It look nice under the temple

You could use batteries or plug it in

LDS Member

Just gorgeous. Love the colors and how it reflects on the cube really beautiful

Lighted base

Makes my crystal look great

Lighted rotating base multi colored

I love the rotating base that I purchased. I received a glass block with the Christus in the inside of the block. I put it on top of the rotating base and it is absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend the base.

Nice product

This is a great addition of you want to display your crystal cubes. I am not a huge fan of the color lights. I think white or clear would be better. Thatโ€™s just my preference. It works though and we have the salt lake temple sitting on it.

Rotating base with colored lights.

Very pretty and works well.


I love this light. It makes my crystal look so beautiful. The crystal that I have is something that was given to my husband and the light that came with it disappeared in my move. I was so happy to find this one.

Valeria Gannon

What a fantastic addition to your temple cubes! The colors are lovely and reflect beautifully in the temple cube. I highly recommend this when ordering the temple cubes. Everyone that I have sent this gift to have commented how beautiful they are! Thanks so much! Great job as always!

Wonderful Product

This is part of the birthday gift for a friend. I will have to wait to give it to her because of Covid 19. I know when this base is lighted along with the Believe Cube is going look so amazing beyond words that I could imagine.