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Christus Pendant Necklace - Silver/Gold (4.75/5 stars from 115 reviews)

Our Christus Pendant Necklace is modeled after the Christus Statue at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Created in 1965, the original marble replica stands 11" feet with his arms extended,...

absolutely Beautiful

I have both the Gold and the Silver Christus. They are absolutely gorgeous. I am buying for friends and family.

Amazing necklace Christus Necklace

It is beautiful. I love wearing it. It attracts a lot of interest that I am glad to answer questions about it. I had one person ask me if that was the Mormon God. I replied that he was the God for everyone not just Mormons.


I got this for my finaceé on our sixth anniversary. The necklace is beautiful and she loves it. She hasn't taken it off.


I bought both the silver and the gold. They are both beautiful and have a high design feature. that will make wonderful presents for birthdays and Christmas. I am going to buy one more. Excellent choice of either one.


This neckless is absolutely beautiful I ordered both a silver and gold one. Each is just awesome. I will need a longer chain but other than that I recommend them for everyone.


Such a beautiful necklace for my son. He loves it and it sparks a conversation up with many.


a bit larger than i expected, but so beautiful


I love this gold necklace! Exquisite and lovely! Enjoy wearing it always.


We purchased four of these Christus necklaces. Three as Christmas presents and one as a birthday present.

Beautiful and sentimental

I love the gold and silver pendants I ordered. They were beautiful, and the sister I ordered one for loved her gift. She said it was so easy to put on around her neck. I will be ordering a couple more for family for Christmas.
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