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Christus Pendant Necklace - Silver/Gold

Our Bestselling Necklace!

Price: $29.99
    Ready to Ship: 1-3 Business Days
    Can be personalized
    • Available in gold & silver
    • Features a 3D rendition of the Christus
    • Made of plated brass
    • 19-20 inch chain
    • Various gift options available
    • Add a personalized message on the back
    Select Finish:
    • Gold
    • Silver

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    Includes jewelry box
    Custom Engraving
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    Our Christus Pendant Necklace is modeled after the Christus Statue at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Created in 1965, the original marble replica stands 11" feet with his arms extended, inviting all to come to him. This depiction of Christ after the resurrection reminds us that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Redeemer of the world. Our necklace allows you to carry the spirit of the Christus with you wherever you go.

    Each one is only a little over an inch and a half tall and comes with a matching chain. It is made of durable brass and plated with either gold or silver finishes, which are hypoallergenic. To help you gift our Christus necklace to others, we provided multiple gift wrapping options, including a small gift box with a ribbon and a velvet necklace box. 

    Add your own personalization on the back for a small fee or choose one of our favorite inspirational sayings or scriptures about Christ. 

    This beautiful Christus Pendant Necklace is a perfect gift for baptisms, mission farewells, or your Christmas celebrations.

    "Waiting upon the Lord implies action. I have learned over the years that our hope in Christ increases when we serve others. Serving as Jesus served, we naturally increase our hope in Him. The personal growth one can achieve now while waiting upon the Lord and His promises is an invaluable, sacred element of HIs plan for each one of us. The contributions one can make now to help build up the Church on earth and to gather Israel are much needed. Marital status has nothing to do with one's capacity to serve. The Lord honors those who serve and wait upon Him in patience and faith." President M. Russell Ballard, April 2021