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Christus Pendant Necklace - Silver/Gold (4.76/5 stars from 120 reviews)

Our Christus Pendant Necklace is modeled after the Christus Statue at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Created in 1965, the original marble replica stands 11" feet with his arms extended,...

Loved it!

The Christus Pendant arrived properly packed and undamaged. My wife loves it. It is a very good quality pendant and the chain is of matching quality. She loves them both.

Larger than I would have liked.

Beautiful medallion. It looks good around my wife’s neck.

I love my Jesus necklace. It’s beautiful. It’s exactly like it’s pictured.

I love my silver Christus necklace. It is very shiny and light weight which I consider a plus.

My wife Liked it

Received the Christus necklace in good condition and I love it! Thank you so much for adding the picture of the temple! 😊😊😊
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I love this and the friend I bought one for loves it! Thanks so much 🥰💝??