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The Tie Saver is used to restrain your tie to your shirt. It holds your tie securely in place without causing any damage to either your tie or your shirt.

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K Salinas

By Lehislore on 1/10/2016
I've had these for years and I love them. I keep buying more because I give so many away and I have a bad habit of losing them somehow.

One of the Most Useful Products I Own!

By John Child on 9/22/2015
These little things may look simply, but they are super useful! They keep your tie from flipping around or swinging into drinking fountains, etc. It also helps to keep from getting crooked under your suit and looking unprofessional. It does the job of a tie clip without having to wear a tie clip. I HIGHLY recommend it for Missionaries or anyone who wears a tie on a regular basis!

Tie Saver

By Danny on 4/15/2015
Great idea. I wish I would have come across these years ago.