12 Must-Have Figurines for Your Home

At LDS Bookstore, we have so many great items that can help your personal study, pieces of jewelry that can become timeless keepsakes, and beautifully designed figurines that carry deep meaning. We've recently made some new additions to our collection of figurines, each of which can be the perfect gift for yourself or to a loved one. Scroll through to see some of our favorite figurines that will brighten your day.

Our Gift

Message: "Our bright, joyful gift!"
"I carved Our Gift to celebrate the exciting realization of suddenly becoming a family after the birth of a first child. The composition of mother and father forms a little protective circle around the baby." —Susan Lordi
Size: 8½" H
Artist: Susan Lordi

Surrounded by Love

A small girl with her face nestled in a bouquet – enjoying it with all her senses, feeling enveloped and safe in that surround. A gesture that reminds someone that they too are encircled by the love of family and friends. A special gift for someone experiencing difficulty; who needs reassurance. A birthday gift – when people love to feel loved. Or a romantic way of saying to one special person that all of your love is surrounding them. Poppies are also a symbol for remembrance, so this piece could be a memorial for one who served our country as well. "Abundant Love Surrounds You" This statue stands 5" tall.

My Sister, My Friend

Walk with me. And along the way, we'll share... everything. This statue stands 8.5" tall.

With My Grandmother

The best gift is time spent with you. This Willow Tree figurine is called "With My Grandmother" and features a young woman with her grandmother.

Love Of Learning

Message: "Open books, open minds"
Willow Tree hand-carved sculptures speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. Susan Lordi identifies emotions so important for us to convey, and renders them in simple, pure gestures. About Willow Tree, Susan says, "I try to keep the interpretation of Willow Tree open. I hope this makes it more personal, and allows the viewer to decide its meaning."
Size: 5½" H
Artist: Susan Lordi


Message: "Love ever endures."
"I used my parents as models for this sculpture; they celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary last year. I wanted to create a piece that celebrates the constancy of love, and I like the way older couples appear to 'fit together' so comfortably. Anniversary is intended for lifelong partners who continue to express their love for each other through the years. The inscription and carving on the back 'I love thee' is meant to connote a sense of intimate, cherished love. I hope it will be a nice discovery made by the person receiving this piece."
Artist: Susan Lordi
Size: 6" H

Angel of Mine

So loved, so very loved. This precious Willow Tree figurine is called "Angel of Mine."
Height: 8½"

Kindness - Boy

Message: "Above all, kindness."
"A kind comment or gesture from someone can really make my day. There are specific people in my life who have taught me how powerful the quality of kindness is, and these people directly inspired me to sculpt pieces that elevate the importance of this attribute. Kindness is the virtue that gives us so much reward, and the one we aspire to. The sentiment, 'Above all, kindness' means just that. The animals can be metaphorical (who better to teach us about kindness than animals?) or the figures can simply represent a loving relationship with a pet." —Susan Lordi
Artist: Susan Lordi
Size: 3" H


Forging a Bond that Lasts a Lifetime This statue stands 5" tall.

New Life

Celebrating the Miracle of New Life This statue stands 5" tall.

Mother and Daughter

This charming sculpture perfectly captures the pure joy and laughter between a mother and her daughter. This statue stands 6" tall.


Hold Dear the Promise of Love This statue stands 9" tall.

These and so many more can be found on LDS Bookstore, click the link here to see our full selection of beautifully designed figurines!