5 Great Pictures of the First Vision

With President Nelson's recent invitation to #HearHim and cultivate a deeper study of the First Vision, we have compiled a list of beautiful artistic interpretations of this moment in history, all available on LDS Bookstore. Scroll through to find a work of art that will fit perfectly in your home.

Preserved by the Hand of God (Available both Framed and as a Print)

This beautiful depiction of the Prophet Joseph Smith by Simon Dewey highlights Joseph's call to translate the Book of Mormon, and once more restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

First Vision

This unique painting of the First Vision by Jorge Cocco Santangelo illustrates his work as a fine artist in all the extent of the word. He is a self-taught artist with international recognition that has mastered various disciplines in the fine arts such as painting, sculpture, lithograph, etching, ceramic and washi zokey (art with hand-made paper).

First Vision - Print

One of the most iconic images in Latter-day Saint history, this print of the First Vision is an iconic representation of the Father and the Son communing with Joseph.

Sacred Prayer

Linda Curley Christensen's depiction of a young Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove is a powerful image of the beauty of the Earth and humility of the young Prophet.

11" Joseph Smith - First Vision Statue

Although this statue isn't a traditional painting like the previous images, our list wasn't complete without this beautifully crafted statue depicting the First Vision. The small details are inspiring, and this statue will fit perfectly on your desk, table, or anywhere you see often.

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