All Kinds of Fathers

With Father's Day approaching this coming Sunday, we want to express our deep gratitude for all of the wonderful fathers and father figures in the world. The calling of a father is far from an easy one, and one that has the potential to shape generations to come. But sometimes during the Father's Day holiday, we can forget that this day is hard for many that have not had the same experiences as others when it comes to loving fathers. Some individuals were raised without a father, and found "fatherly" examples in their lives in a variety of ways, and we want to honor and commend those men and women that have filled the responsibility of a fatherly figure to so many individuals.

There are also young and old men alike who like so many others deeply desire to have a family of their own, but have not yet had that blessing materialize in their lives just yet. On Father's Day, these men can feel overlooked and even discouraged because of this wonderful blessing they wish to have in their lives. They serve in a variety of different callings, often times going about their faithful service without recognition or attention. They serve as faithful priesthood holders, ministers, newly called teachers, and so much more.

So this coming Father's Day, remember that the attributes of fatherhood can be found in so many inspiring individuals who try their very best each day to serve, love, and help those around them. Here at LDS Bookstore we're grateful to all the many types of fathers on this holiday. As James E. Faust once said:

"Noble Fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine."