Have You Seen Our New Christus Necklaces?

At LDS Bookstore, we want to help you find the perfect pieces of jewelry that carry a deep, spiritual meaning. Included in our newest line of products, we're so excited to feature our new Christus necklaces! With three different options for the positioning of the engraving of the Christus, (Full, Close, or Side) we're certain you'll find one that best fits your unique style. We also have included Christus Dog Tag necklaces as well that are perfect for your loved ones. Scroll through to see these beautiful pieces of inspiring jewelry.

Christus Necklace - Full

With this Christus Necklace, you can carry the spirit of Jesus Christ with you wherever you go. Each necklace is hand-engraved to produce a beautiful and lasting image. Choose from either silver or gold finishes. This necklace is made from durable and hypoallergenic stainless steel and includes a matching chain.

Christus Necklace - Close

Christus Necklace - Side

Christus Dog Tag Necklace - Silver

Our Christus Dog Tag Necklace features the popular image of the Christus statue as sculpted by Bertel Thorvaldsen. It includes a matching ball chain. Our dog tags are made of stainless steel.

Christus Dog Tag Necklace - Black

Items like these, and so many more related to the Chirstus can be found on LDS Bookstore. Click the link here to see our wide selection!

Bertel Thorvaldsen was commissioned to sculpt statues of Jesus and the apostles for the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen. The statue of Jesus was completed in 1821. The statue is 345 centimeters high. The inscription at the base of the sculpture reads "Kommer til mig" ("Come to me") with a reference to the Bible verse: Matthew 11:28. The Christus was not well known outside of Denmark until 1896, when an American textbook writer wrote that the statue was "considered the most perfect statue of Christ in the world."