Simulated and Genuine Leather Scriptures: What's the Difference?

At LDS Bookstore, we have a variety of different scriptures to fit all of your studying needs. From quads, to bound Bibles and Books of Mormon, no matter what type of scriptures fit your personal study best, we have options for you. One option that is available though is one that not many people fully understand the differences, and that is the scriptures that are simulated leather and those that are genuine leather.

Simulated Leather

Simulated leather, sometimes referred to as “Vegan Leather” is a lower cost alternative to genuine leather, while still having the look of real leather. It is made by applying a lamination of a polyurethane finish to a base material, typically a mixture of cotton or nylon, and then a roller then applies an artificial grain pattern to the surface to imitate the look of genuine leather.

Another type of “Vegan Leather” is PVC Faux Leather Fabric. This type of simulated leather is composed of polyvinylchloride with stabilizers to protect the simulated leather, plasticizers to soften it, and then lubricants to make the material more flexible. This is then applied to the base material, which typically is made of polyester, cotton, nylon, or the like.

Simulated leather is a great alternative to the more expensive genuine leather, and is friendly to those living a vegan lifestyle. The only difficulty of simulated leather is that of longevity. Simulated leather ages faster than genuine leather, and different from genuine leather, the aging process is a little more apparent. However, simulated leather is far easier to clean with chemicals, or a variety of cleaning products that won’t damage or ruin the material. Genuine leather requires specific cleaning instructions and materials to keep the leather from being damaged.

For our scriptures here at LDS Bookstore, simulated leather typically has a brighter shine to it, and a softer feel than genuine leather. The colors appear to be brighter and more saturated, and a wider variety of colors are available with simulated leather.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is made from a variety of organic materials, but typically bovine hides. The natural collagen fibers are intertwined, which give the leather its superior durability. Though colors and finishes may vary, the composition of the material remains virtually the same.

Many of our leather bound scriptures are made from that same organic materials used in many leather products, which gives them durability and longevity. As genuine leather ages, it softens and creases begin to be seen throughout it. However, the durability of the leather remains very strong, and the creases become something that is unique to each individual scripture set. Though genuine leather is often more expensive than simulated leather, for durability and length of life, it is unmatched.

The material used to make our scriptures varies from leather to simulated leather, our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with quality items that best fit their lifestyle. Each of our leather or simulated leather bound scriptures are carefully packaged, expertly engraved, and are ready to help make your scripture study the best it can be. 

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