The Story Behind Our Gospel Restoration Teaching Kit

It was a strange experience, cutting up a small picture of Christ. It wasn't something you'd normally think a missionary would do. However, my companion and I had a point to make and this was the clearest way to do it. 

Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often use object lessons or homemade teaching kits to help teach others about the principles of the gospel. Picture pieces of paper with hand-drawn visuals laminated with strips of clear tape. This is why my companion and I were cutting up a picture of Christ. 

We wanted to teach about the Restoration and how the truth of Christ was lost. When each piece was put back together, the full painting of Christ emerged and it represented the Restoration of all things. 

Many years later, this humble little tool was the inspiration behind our brand new teaching kit. We loved providing a Plan of Salvation Teaching Kit to missionaries, families, and teachers. But as I thought back to my mission I knew I wanted to do more. With the resources in our company, I knew we could make something awesome. 

So, I pulled out my Preach My Gospel and started thinking about how we could create a teaching kit that somehow compacted all the many principles of the Restoration lesson while making it simple in design AND keeping the idea of restoring Christ as the focal point. 

I started with a simple sketch that served as the basis of the idea. Then, we carefully moved onto rough (very rough) paper models. 

Finally, we worked with our illustrator to bring each piece to life! One thing I love about working for LDS Bookstore is the opportunity to imagine and create new products that are full of inspiration and use for real Latter-day Saints. I know this is the teaching kit I would have wanted all those years ago as a missionary. With so much emphasis on the Restoration now, it is also useful for families and teachers who want to help others embrace these important truths. 

Our Gospel Restoration Teaching Kit has 9 durable wood pieces that have been beautifully engraved here in our Orem warehouse. Each one represents a different principle from the first lesson in Preach My Gospel. When they're placed in order, the piece of Christ fits perfectly in the middle. It is now available for purchase here!