Why the Church is Changing Options for Scriptures

Do you remember the rainbow of color options when it came to scriptures? We sure do! We especially remember the brilliant blue and green leather covers that so many enjoyed. In 2018, the Church announced it was making more changes, going from burgundy, brown, and black to just black. A number of sizes were also discontinued.

Here at LDS Bookstore, we often get questions about why the Church has decided to make these changes. Here's the official answer. The Church released a statement that said the changers were made to "simplify and standardize products in an increasingly global church environment."

By creating a smaller catalog of options, the Church is able to offer more languages and provided fast, affordable shipping options to the places that need them. It also makes sense with the advent of modern technology. More and more people are using their phones to access the scriptures.

Although the color options for your scriptures may be more limited than in recent years, there are still so many fun and exciting ways to personalize your set of scriptures! At LDS Bookstore, we have scriptures with engraving options of different symbols, text, with engraving for both the front, back, and even the spine of your scriptures. Scroll through to see photos of some of these designs, and click the link here to buy lds scriptures that are totally personalized!