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Borders Sister Missionary Countdown Calendar

Item #: LDP-PST20227
Price: $24.99
    Ready to Ship: 1-3 Business Days
    Can be personalized
    Mission Start Date (Ex: February 2016) *
    Max: 50 character(s)
    Mission End Date (Ex: February 2018) *
    Max: 50 character(s)
    Missionary's Last Name (Ex: Smith) *
    Max: 20 character(s)
    Mission Scripture (Default: D&C 4) (optional)
    Max: 50 character(s)
    Mission Name (Ex: Los Angeles, California) *
    Max: 50 character(s)

    This exclusive Sister Missionary Countdown Calendar is perfect for missionaries, missionary parents, or even those who are waiting for a friend or sibling to return from serving a mission. It is customizable with the option to put the name of the mission, and missionary, as well as the dates and outline of the state or country. This is a fun product for the entire family!

    This 17 x 23 inch calendar comes as a coated matte finish print on 35lb heavyweight paper.